TD5 – Mar 26, 2022 – La Sabana Park San Jose 🇨🇷

I just got back from Parque Sabana, the biggest park in downtown San Jose. It’s not that beautiful right now. The pond has no water because Costa Rica is at the end of dry season, the plants looks pitiful, nothing is green, the outdoor artworks have faded paint and there are mostly sports fields. 

There is an island in the middle of the pond where there are some artificial concrete cave tunnels made for shorter people than me. I went into one with the flashlight on my phone and hit my head really hard. It bled a little. 

I got a photo of the stadium for you. It was hard to find a good angle, but I did. 

 I’ve uploaded today’s photos. _

Samay Hostal is in Putumayo, Colombia near Ecuador. The Japanese lady staying at Maragato said it’s a 20-hour bus ride from Bogota. Google maps says 13 hours by car. I understand there is a high concentration of yagé shamans and ceremonies there. Sounds like a place I need to check out.

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