TD179 – Sep 17, 2022 – 🇨🇴 Saint Valentine’s Day 🥰

Sending big love to all the Colombians I’ve met, to the ones I’ve yet to meet and even to the ones I will never meet.  To my friends, the Wayuus in Cabo de la Vela, I send the deepest love.  I will see you guys again after Peru. I send mammoth love to Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Minca, not Palomino 😜, Riohacha, not Uribia, Cabo de la Villa, the northernmost spot in South America Punto Gallinas, huge love to Categena and massive love to the puebla I now inhabit, TOLÚÚùùù!! To Medellin where I’m going next, Bogota, Calìììì and  finally Putumayo I send ancient Amazonian gargantuan jungle love.

Café Sunrise Tolú

El Dia de Amor y Amistad

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