TD187 – Sep 24, 2022 – Welcome to

Whilst walking Montería streets this morning during golden hour, I decided to make a post about the website. How meta. Time for more exposition.

You may be asking yourself, what in the hell does Cartas A Diabla mean? Roughly translated from Spanish, it means Letters to the Devilwoman. I considered several similar names that are more grammatically correct, such as Las Cartas a la Diabla. However, I went with the shorter 3 word title that was approved by the Diabla herself.

Now you may be thinking why is this weirdo writing letters to a female devil? Diabla is the endearing nickname I use for my Panamanian/Mexican ex-girlfriend, now close friend. With that mix of nationalities, you know she’s a spicy Latina. She’s a good hearted person, a great mom to her two daughters, has the best laugh in the world and regularly cooks and delivers food to the homeless in Panama City. But she also has her mischievous ways. The nickname Diabla fits.

I first dubbed her Diabla on our first trip together on a bus to the Costa Rica n/Nicaraguan border crossing. She laughed and the name stuck. Even her name in my Whatsapp contacts is Diabla.

On the second day of this current trip through Latin America, I met her at Maragato Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica where we were both staying. The “letters” started out as detailed emails I sent to her about my travels in Costa Rica once she returned to Panama to run her successful real estate business. Now we mostly text on Whatsapp, so the letters are coming from there and my hazy memory.

You may also be asking yourself, what does this TD187 crap mean? TD stands for Travel Day. My first day in San Jose (TD1) was March 22, 2022. When titling a new post, I Google search, for example, “days between March 21 and September 24.” The results tell me I have been traveling for 187 days now. I did this wrong when beginning the blog, searching from March 22, which made my first day in San Jose TD0 and all the other posts one travel day off. I headed to Jax airport on March 21 which I consider TD0. This is fixed on all posts. I should have remembered to count from zero from my Computer Science days, but I haven’t programmed in a while. Thanks for nothing IT industry and useless UGA degree. Coincidentally, 187 is the murder code for Los Angeles Police radio dispatch, so don’t make me pop a cap in yo ass today, beeotch.

Please excuse any mess you might see. Not only am I reading and editing 6 months of travel notes from this trip, taking new photos daily, posting old photos and stories from previous travels and rebuilding my social media which I haven’t used in years, I am also learning to use WordPress which is not that intuitive or user friendly. I hope they don’t shut me down for saying that. Consider it constructive criticism, WordPress. Every time I try a new theme, I have to go through the entire website and fix a bunch of things that are now broken. Once I find a theme I like, I am not touching that part anymore.

There is a comment section at the bottom of the pages. If you see something that is weird, wrong, offensive, funny, interesting or helpful, I really would appreciate feedback. Consider yourself a beta tester. I am generous with those who help me. You might find yourself the winner of a contest you didn’t know you entered.

Speaking of offensive, I am trying my best to keep the expletives to a minimum. But sometimes some fucking shit happens and you have to call out an asshole for being a cock smoker. One post in particular I made it clear there would be some profanity and put a PG-13 logo at the top. Rated R content will be under what I have been calling the Patreon which will be a password protected section of this website not affiliated with the website of the same name. The first 100 patrons can have access for only $0.69 for the first month or $4.20 for a year if you’re feeling generous. This is much cheaper than other Patreon memberships, I just think it would amusing to have a bunch of $0.69 and $4.20 transactions on my bank statement. Rated X content will only be available through in person conversation. I’m not going to incriminate myself online. I also don’t want my great aunt to have a heart attack while reading the website.

See how funny obscenities can be when used sparsely? Ahó.


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