Bird’s Nest

The eyes of the owl see all.

I’ve spent many hours entertaining Dishrag and the Beaner on the third floor rooftop patio of this hostel in Medellin.

For your next task, enter the map coordinates of the mural below.

Thanks for scrolling further down the page.

To find the coordinates, go to my Colombia album in Google Photos, click on the owl photo, click on the information icon ℹ️, scroll down to the map, click on it, copy and paste the coordinates and click on my big, blue testicles.

I just want you to learn to use the map information on Google Photos. I think it’s a great feature that other photo platforms neglect and one of the reasons I use Google photos.

I’m a geography nerd. I love maps, flags, countries and their capital cities.
Congratulations, you have made it a step closer to the prize.

2 responses to “Bird’s Nest”

  1. Coitus 🍖🦴
    Balls 🏀🍌🥎


  2. Coitus 🍖🦴
    Balls 🏀🍌🥎


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